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Friday, May 27, 2005

great idea!

James D. Miller has an excellent column today over at called "Outsourcing Teaching":
Outsourcing hasn't gone far enough: the U.S. should start using Indian-based teachers. Smart, inexpensive, English-speaking Indians already help Americans with software design, computer support and tax preparation. Through satellites and the Internet workers in India can be connected, with mere millisecond delays, to Americans in need. Outsourcing jobs to India has saved Americans billions while actually increasing the quality and competitiveness of many of our industries. We should now apply outsourcing to education, the American industry most in need of improvement.
What really excites me about this idea is the possibility that it might lead to the complete collapse of government-run schools. Miller doesn't go that far in his column, but it's easy to see how this type of outsourcing could dramatically help private schools compete with their government-run competitors. Of course, government schools might use outsourcing as well, but that's fine with me, too. Private schools will be able to innovate faster and they may become competitive enough to lead to a wholesale abandonment of "public" schools.

Keep your fingers crossed, an education revolution could be just around the corner.


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