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Thursday, May 26, 2005

torture, murder and coverup in oklahoma city

The FBI, the Torture and Murder of Kenneth Trentadue and Advanced Knowledge of the Oklahoma City Bombing

Paul Craig Roberts writes in Counterpunch about the very suspicious "suicide" of Kenneth Trentadue in 1995, who was mistaken for Tim McVeigh's alleged accomplice, according to Trentadue's brother Jesse, an attorney. Furthermore, advance knowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing by the FBI is alleged.
Jesse Trentadue learned that the FBI had informants planted with two groups on which McVeigh may have relied: a white supremacist paramilitary training compound at Elohim City and the Mid-West Bank Robbery Gang. The implication is that the FBI had advance notice of McVeigh's plans and may have been conducting a sting operation that went awry.

The FBI has documents that name the informants. Teletypes from then FBI director Louis Freeh dated January 4, 1996, and August 23, 1996, confirm that the FBI had informants imbedded with the Mid-West Bank Robbery Gang and in Elohim City. In these documents, Freeh reports to various FBI field offices that the Elohim City informant (possibly explosives expert and German national Andreas Carl Strassmeir) "allegedly has had a lengthy relationship with Timothy McVeigh" and "that McVeigh had placed a telephone call to Elohim City on 4/5/95, a day that he was believed to have been attempting to recruit a second conspirator to assist in the OKBOMB attack."

This is certainly not the first time we've heard of the alleged foreknowledge by the FBI, and the "sting gone awry" theory; see, for example, "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton: The Unreported Stories" by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. It is high time we got to the bottom of what really happened on April 19, 1995. One thing's for sure, though: Tim McVeigh ain't talking.


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