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Saturday, June 04, 2005

the failed plot for a united europe


Gary North traces the "85-year conspiracy" to create a European government, from the days of J.D. Rockefeller, Jr. and the League of Nations, to last week's votes in France and Holland in this article at He also points out the obvious, that the objections were not so much based on principled opposition to Eurocracy, but to fear of competition and free markets:
The great irony is that voters in France and Holland decided that they did not like free trade, because it imposes too much pressure on producers to meet the competition. They decided to sink the ship of state because they still refuse to believe in economic liberty. Given the threat to liberty of the looming political leviathan, I say, "Hooray for economic ignorance!" Europeans will be a lot better off with today’s relatively low tariffs and no Constitution. Better to have less bait and no final switch.

North seems to think that the EU Constitution suffered a permanent defeat, even if it squeaks by in a second vote, claiming it can never again gain legitimacy. I am not convinced of this. Common fear and loathing of Bush and his "War on Terror" may yet unite Europe in a decisive fashion; the next preemptive strike the neocons have in store, should it come to pass, might just be the catalyst.


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