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Friday, June 10, 2005

friday fun link

Over in the comments section of Crooked Timber, there is a link to a hilarious imagining of what a right-wing fundamentalist might conjure up in his worst nightmares come true in the year 2019:
We were maxed on super cocaine, wigged out of our head on Benzedrine shots, and red-lining on adrenaline thanks to the spidery shocks of our cortical stimulator implants. I was primed to smash a cat or throw a baby against a wall. I have never been a particularly violent man: I'm more into reading books or oiling up and diving into a good old family sex pit. Just then I would have crushed the larynx of Gloria Steinem.
The only false note is the reference to genetically engineered foods. That's a bugbear of the left, not the right.


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