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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

krugman lies

Tom Maguire over at Just One Minute takes on Paul Krugman and asks readers for "hits" so here's mine.

Now for some inexplicable reason, Krugman enjoys misrepresenting the mission of the Cato Institute, repeatedly calling it conservative or even ultra-conservative when in fact it is quite libertarian.  But Krugman decided to cross the line from misrepresentation to lying on November 7th, 2001.  In "A Cross of Dollars", Krugman stated:

As little as three years ago Argentina's "currency board" monetary system was the subject of extravagant praise in publications like Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, and economists at the Cato Institute established lucrative consulting practices advising other countries to mimic Argentina's approach.
Caught with his pants down, here's what Krugman said, parenthetically, in a later column, "Laissez Not Fair":
Contrary to what some may have inferred from a previous column, no staff members at the Cato Institute are in the currency-regime consulting business
No, Paul! No readers inferred that.  Inference is unnecessary when the writer is explicit, not implicit.  Are we clear on this? Krugman first lied about economists at the Cato Institute and when he is caught lying, he lies again to his readers.


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