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Sunday, June 12, 2005

our feline government

Liberty magazine has had a blog-like feature called "Reflections" since its inception in the late '80's. In the July 2005 issue, A. J. Ferguson makes an amusing analogy that libertarian cat owners might appreciate:
Ponder, for a moment, our feline government. In the light of day, it does nothing but consume resources and produce waste, which it buries and leaves for someone else to clean up. In the dark, it works diligently to get into things forbidden to it when people are watching; when it is caught, it hides and waits for the outcry to stop so it can try again later. On the rare occasions that it gives something back to those who make its existence possible, it does so as ostentatiously as it can manage, expecting praise for its skill and cunning.
Personally, I think it would vastly improve government press conferences if the President would arrive with a dead rodent in his mouth and spit it at reporters prior to beginning.


Blogger jmc said...

I believe that comparing governments to cats is an extreme insult to cats everywhere.

10:05 AM  

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