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Thursday, July 28, 2005


I have a pet theory that the reason most journalists choose their jobs is because they simply aren't smart enough to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer or accountant, etc. My theory got a big boost today thanks to an article in the San Francisco Examiner:
Check out the blog of Morgan Spurlock, better known as the "Super Size Me" guy and star of the new show "30 Days." Log on to and see what the guy who ate fast food 24/7 for an entire month really thinks. The site has only been up since June so you have some time to check up and get in on what is fast becoming a popular blog. The site contains a ton of stuff about McDonald's, so if you're a fan of the chain don't go. However, if you are a fan of chatter about popular culture and American corporate governance check it out.
Are these people even capable of basic reading comprehension?!? How can someone spend even ten seconds reading the Morgan Spurlock Watch weblog and not realize that it's by a critic of Spurlock and not Spurlock himself?

Spotted via The Agitator.


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