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Friday, July 29, 2005

good catch

Gene Healy reads Max Boot so you won't have to and they only thing you're missing is some pretty loony claims. Boot warns of the sinister plans of the Chinese:
Their different approaches include financial warfare (subverting banking systems and stock markets), drug warfare (attacking the fabric of society by flooding it with illicit drugs), psychological and media warfare (manipulating perceptions to break down enemy will), international-law warfare (blocking enemy actions using multinational organizations), resource warfare (seizing control of vital natural resources), even ecological warfare (creating man-made earthquakes or other natural disasters).
That's right! The Chinese are working on attacking us with man-made earthquakes!!! Although that's the most outlandish of his claims, they are all pretty ridiculous. Just what is "international-law warfare"? How many people do we expect to die in such a battle? I wish Max would tell us.

Does Boot actually believe this drivel? Surely the logical conclusion of the discovery of an earthquake machine is that we should invade China! After all, if we invaded Saddam because he was merely pursuing nuclear weapons, then an even more agressive response would be needed against an enemy that can cause tsunamis.

Healy also catches some silliness by Frank Gaffney in this article. My favorite part is where Gaffney warns that the Chinese are "invest[ing] heavily in T-bills to acquire strategic economic assets". Huh? Just how does owning treasury bills give those slanty-eyed yellow devils "strategic economic assets"? It sounds to me like they are merely giving us low cost loans. Those bastards! How dare they make it cheaper for us to borrow money?


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