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Sunday, July 17, 2005

morning drinkers of the world unite!

I love this article by Jeffrey Tucker over at Why shouldn't we be able to enjoy a nice glass of Guiness with our sausage and eggs without being considered to have a drinking problem?
Do you see what is happening here? The breakfast drink is being snuck in under the label of medicine as a way of evading the social taboo against liquor before noon. That’s just silly. You don’t need an excuse, particularly not a medicinal one. You can have a bloody mary or a mimosa anytime!

Along the same lines there is rum and 7-up, rum and apple cider, and this interesting one just called "The Breakfast Drink": jigger Vodka, jigger Peach Schnapps, cup of Orange Juice, 2 jiggers raspberry Liqueur, ½ cup of Collins mix. Fascinating!

For all the wonders and complications of that latter suggestion, I still can’t get past the simplicity and clarity of my favorite of all time: a small glass of port wine.

Maybe it is an age thing. I like the idea of the Guinness, the courage it takes to drink moonshine, the fussiness that comes with a mimosa, the bold stroke of the Bloody Mary, and the sheer decadence associated with “the Breakfast Drink” but somehow the clarity and stability of the glass of port – which recalls the glory of Colonial America – seems just right and just what is needed to join the movement to smash this ridiculous taboo against morning drinking.
For myself, I won't drink at breakfast or lunch on a working day; leaves me too sleepy and unmotivated. Tucker addresses this issue at the end of the article, too:
A final note on a frequent objection: morning drinking diminishes one's productivity during the day. This is true, of course, but particularly for adults who process liquor more slowly. This underscores a point that cannot be emphasized enough: like smoking, morning drinking is particularly suited for the young, meaning under the age of 25. Their systems are robust and can handle it better. Don't waste your youth: it is up to you to bring back the breakfast drink!
I agree. It's odd that the antismoking Nazis focus so much on the youth and young adults; their bodies can handle the physiological insult of tobacco smoke much better than the older folk.


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