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Monday, August 29, 2005

getting out of iraq asap

Ivan Eland has a great piece today called, "Top Ten Reasons to "Undo" Iraq in Due Haste". Eland makes the case for a partitioned Iraq and a quick exit. Here's reason no. 10:
Getting out of Iraq now while the United States still has some credibility and honor is better than doing so later with its tail between its legs. In Vietnam, the United States stayed the course in an attempt to maintain its “credibility,” but ended up losing much of that credibility over time. Like an investor who invests in a poorly performing stock, the best course is to admit a mistake, cut probable losses, and reinvest the resources in more productive endeavors—not to ride the stock to the bottom hoping it will turn around. Besides, at this late date, only a controlled partition of Iraq that allows the Sunnis to both rule themselves and share the oil wealth has any chance of preventing the descent into civil war.
It's tempting to stay the course, sometimes even I think it might be a disaster to leave too early, but what's the evidence that staying the course will work? Eland's analogy is right on, but instead of losing share value, we're losing the lives of American soldiers.


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