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Thursday, August 18, 2005

the government murders and then covers it up

I'm pretty much outraged out. There just seems to be so much bad crap out there and I've exhausted my ability to be outraged. Go read Jim Henley who, discussing the death-by-state of Charles de Menezes, says it best:
The same institution whose agents missed a proper handoff of Charles de Menezes’ surveillance because the peeper was off taking a piss is the one you’ve sent to divide the sheep from the goats in a country they know even less about than their own. The same institution whose agents knocked an already subdued civilian subway passenger to the floor and blasted his head off you’ve trusted to man traffic control points in cities where we speak little if any of the language, to search the homes of people whose lives are locked doors to us.
Will anyone on the left or right learn the right lesson from this death? No, the right will still worship the police and will either ignore this or somehow continue to blame de Menezes for his own death. Conservatives will never lead the charge to investigate the State. The left won't figure it out either. They will always respond with something like, "oh, put US in charge! We won't kill innocents like those mean conservatives. Just promise never to question our power and we'll treat you good, just like we did at Waco".

Words fail me.


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