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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

it's happening now (the sea change)

Karen Kwiatkowski has a piece at today about the sea change in public opinion regarding Bush and his Middle East adventures, at least among regular folks like us. I had the same feeling over one month ago and wrote about it here. At the end of the column, she points out that not everyone is turning against the war, of course.
A few weeks ago, I spoke at an event sponsored by the Libertarians at Virginia Tech. It wasn’t overly amusing to examine our ongoing Iraq policy, but the audience nodded and chuckled when I noted how successful the administration and congressional agenda had been in the Middle East so far. Washington has gained a dozen brand-new U.S. military bases in Southwest Asia, we got Iraq, the oil companies are reporting record-setting profits, and not a single neoconservative has been harmed.

The well-dressed and coiffed elite decision makers see Iraq as just one successful part of a larger international agenda – an agenda naturally paid for in taxes, inflation, home-grown fascism and the blood of less-than-elite Americans and desperate would-be citizens. Still thriving politically in Washington, these neo-Jacobin imperialists may not fully sense the sea change.

But just about everyone else does.


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