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Monday, September 26, 2005

would you believe...

One of my TV sitcom heroes is dead at 82 -that's right, Don Adams, aka Maxwell Smart secret agent 86. My brother and I can practically hold a full conversation by speaking only in Get Smart quotes, and that's scary. His death reminds me of a couple of lines from the show, which went something like this:

Villain with gun says to Smart, "I will let you choose the way you wish to die", and he replies, "How about...old age?".

Another bad guy in a different episode asks, while pointing a gun at him, "all right, where do you want it?" Smart replies, "Uh...Cincinnati"? If Adams had actually died in Cincinnati, I'd be rolling on the floor in laughter, but in a very respectful way, of course.

Adams was also a natural as the voice of Tennessee Tuxedo, but the news briefs about his death which I have read fail to even mention this show. The articles must have been written by some young punks who never even saw the show.

Goodbye, Don Adams, you brought many laughs to my life!


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