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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

injun summer in chicago

Oops, sorry, I mean Native American summer. It's a great feeling to be living in Chicago in October and hear that the low for the night will be in the 70s, as it was last night and will be tonight. You feel like you're beating the system somehow, and for the duration, you forget about all those ridiculously cold days you suffer through from November through April. Right now it is 81 degrees at 9 pm! Woo hoo! Last night, after the kids were asleep, I sat out on the balcony drinking a Goose Island Octoberfest and smoking a Hoyo de Monterey Excalibur, my ears plugged into my iPod.

Tomorrow will be the last abnormally hot day before reality sets in on Thursday. Sure, all you folks from the southern states like my coblogger A.W. View take it for granted, but we really know how to appreciate a heatwave around here.


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