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Thursday, October 06, 2005

a note about the google ads

Google is an amazing company. When everyone thought the search engine market was mature, they came in out of nowhere and proceeded to dominate the field because their product was an order of magnitude better than the competition. Not content to stand still, they continue to roll out one new innovative product after another, and they have my immense respect.

With the opportunity to make a little money, I signed up for the Google Adsense program, and hence the ads you see at the top of the page. I just want to point out that, in general, Leviathan Slayer neither endorses nor condemns any specific ads that might appear in the future, as we have no way of knowing what new ads will come along. We do have the ability to filter out specific ads, and this I do when I see one come along that supports an organization that I specifically disagree with. For example, if I see any ads that support a policy of war and aggression, I add them to the filter so that they will no longer appear. I do the same for ads from any organizations that support or encourage women to abort their unborn children.

Some ads are in a kind of gray area. For example, some may focus on opposition to the war, but when you click through you get inundated with with pro-Democratic Party material, which I would not support. These I typically do not filter, as it is too much effort to try to ascertain the ultimate aims of the sponsor. I figure that if the ad focuses on opposition to the war, it can stay. As a general rule Leviathan Slayer does not support any specific political parties, though we may support individual candidates regardless of party. Very few, of course, since most politicians are swine!

While my coblogger A.W. View may have different opinions about certain ads than I would, I am in charge of the ads so filtering ads will continue to be my responsibility and will ultimately reflect my personal views. Since I cannot constantly monitor the ads, please understand that there will be some which directly oppose the philosophies and views espoused by this site. Now click on some ads, dammit, so we can make some money!! Just kidding, hey hey, and thanks for reading this disclaimer.


Blogger Ross said...

You started the blog, I'm just a guest so your policy is OK with me. I hadn't notice any pro-abortion ads, though. How many of those have you deleted?

10:17 AM  

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