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Sunday, October 02, 2005

the real reason

Talk Left says, "I want to know why the Democratic members of Congress don’t have the guts to at least introduce Articles of Impeachment" and supplies his own answer, natch: "I think I know the answer to the latter: The Republican “swift-boat” apparatus. Anybody who would take out Max Clellan, a triple amputee Vietnam War veteran for supposedly being “anti-veteran,” has no moral scruples at all."

Sorry, TL, but you are dead wrong. The real reason the Dems don't introduce articles of impeachment is that to them, preserving the legitimacy of the state, specifically the "power" of the president to go to war without consequence, is far more important than getting rid of a disaster like Bush. The Dems fear, perhaps only unconsciously, that if they tried impeachment against Bush, then a future, Democratic, President would have his hands tied if he thought it was desirable to go to war. They don't want a future Republican Congress to say, "You tried to impeach Bush, now we are justified in impeaching the current President because he did the same thing". Unlimited power for that hypothetical future Democrat outweighs any benefit to impeaching Dubya in the present. The Democrats (and yes, the Republicans, too) worship the State and that is ultimately the foundation for all decisions.


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