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Monday, December 05, 2005

get rid of the police (taser time edition)

I can't imagine what is going through the mind of a police officer as he tasers someone who is trying to call her lawyer. Radley Balko reports on just such an incident:
Cops pull over a Noblesville, Indiana woman for allegedly running a red light. She's on her way to get some flu medication, so they confront her in the parking lot of a Village Pantry.

They give her a series of roadside sobriety tests, which she passes. They then ask her to take several breath tests, which prove inconclusive. At this point, the cop tells her she must either submit to a blood test on the spot, or go to jail. She says she'd like to call her lawyer first. Cops tell her she isn't allowed, and order her to put down her cell phone phone. She says again she wants to call her lawyer, and continues to try. At this point, the cop -- who had just gotten his taser and had yet to use it -- says "Okay, taser time!" The two cops then hold the woman down, and taser her several times.
Watching the video was painful and I felt angrier than I have in a long time. Where's the outrage? Do the residents of Hamilton County really think this was anything other than assault and battery by an agent of the State?

I realize that this is small potatoes compare to the evil being done by Dubya and his cronies in Iraq, but it seems like it's a difference in degree, not in kind. The mentality that allows this cop to shock a woman for refusing to take a blood test is what gives birth to the mindset that rationalizes bombing innocent people in another country because Dubya doesn't like the former ally/dictator who runs it.


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