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Friday, February 17, 2006

holocaust survivor votes for patriot act

Congressman Tom Lantos (D-CA) is the only Holocaust survivor in Congress. The other day, he berated internet companies testifying before Congress and compared them to companies that cooperated with the Nazis:
Lantos, to Microsoft: Is your company ashamed?

Microsoft: We comply with legally binding orders whether it's here in the U.S. or China.

Lantos: Well, IBM complied with legal orders when they cooperated with Nazi Germany. Those were legal orders under the Nazi German system...Do you think that IBM during that period had something to be ashamed of?

Microsoft: I can't speak to that. I'm not familiar in detail with IBM's activities in that period.
Tom Lantos, defender of human rights, also voted for the USA Patriot Act back in 2001. If one of those internet companies heroically refused to comply with the Patriot Act (or any number of anti-freedom laws passed by Lantos and his buddies) would Tommy come to their defense?


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