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Friday, March 31, 2006

oppressors and the oppressed

"Folk Beliefs have Consequences" is from a few months ago, but I recently re-read it and I remembered this great bit:
Folk Marxism looks at political economy as a struggle pitting the oppressors against the oppressed. Of course, for Marx, the oppressors were the owners of capital and the oppressed were the workers. But folk Marxism is not limited by this economic classification scheme. All sorts of other issues are viewed through the lens of oppressors and oppressed. Folk Marxists see Israelis as oppressors and Palestinians as oppressed. They see white males as oppressors and minorities and females as oppressed. They see corporations as oppressors and individuals as oppressed. They see America as on oppressor and other countries as oppressed.
This is a great example of why communicating with leftists is so difficult. If one doesn't speak in the language of oppressor vs. oppressed, one's argument simply come across as gibberish to the modern day liberal.


Blogger jmc said...

Then it should be relatively easy to persuade the leftists to our point of view, if we speak their languagel:

"We must join together as the oppressed taxpayers of the United States, in our struggle against the oppressive Federal Leviathan..."

3:40 PM  

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