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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

dmca: the nightmare continues

More fascist copyright bullshit brought to you by the usual suspects is in the works as reported in this CNET article.
For the last few years, a coalition of technology companies, academics and computer programmers has been trying to persuade Congress to scale back the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Now Congress is preparing to do precisely the opposite. A proposed copyright law seen by CNET would expand the DMCA's restrictions on software that can bypass copy protections and grant federal police more wiretapping and enforcement powers.
Here's the best part:
During a speech in November, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales endorsed the idea and said at the time that he would send Congress draft legislation. Such changes are necessary because new technology is "encouraging large-scale criminal enterprises to get involved in intellectual-property theft," Gonzales said, adding that proceeds from the illicit businesses are used, "quite frankly, to fund terrorism activities."
Naturally, if you disagree with the feds and the copyright-industrial complex, you're helping the terrorists.

Read the whole article because there's a lot there.


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