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Thursday, June 08, 2006

good news about john stossel

Apparently, he's against the war:
Speaking at a luncheon hosted by the conservative Fraser Institute think tank yesterday, Stossel made it clear his politics don't quite fall within the traditional left or right wing spectrum.

He takes no issue with gay marriage, for example, while he says sending troops to Iraq "wasn't a good idea."
I love Stossel's stuff, but I rarely see him report on foreign policy and never on war itself. I think he'd do an awesome job if he could just let loose with an hour long TV special of libertarian critiques of war. All those conservatives who love him now will have their heads explode!

Spotted on Liberty & Power.


Blogger jmc said...

I too would love to see an episode devoted to war or foreign policy in general.

I've often wondered if the higher-ups at ABC have ordered him to stay away from that topic.

7:34 AM  

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