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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

british banker connected with enron scandal winds up dead

The police are treating his death as "unexplained" according to this BBC report. A little weird, don't ya think? And there's more details from this TimesOnline story:
THE body of a senior banker who was expected to give evidence at the trial of the NatWest Three was found yesterday hours before his former colleagues were due to be handed over to US marshals.

Supporters of the three former bankers said that Neil Coulbeck, who was found dead in parkland six days after he disappeared, had been under immense pressure and hounded by American investigators. The discovery came as MPs staged an extraordinary protest at Britain’s extradition arrangements with the US by voting to adjourn the Commons early.

Both Tony Blair and Robert Tuttle, the US Ambassador, tried to defuse the row by insisting that extradition terms between the two countries were roughly the same, despite the US failure to ratify a treaty agreed in 2003 and implemented by Britain.

The three men are accused of conspiring with executives of the collapsed US energy giant Enron to cheat the bank that once employed them out of £11 million. David Bermingham, Gary Mulgrew and Giles Darby are due to fly to the US today at 9.30am from Gatwick...


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