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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

never peace when a war will do

How repellant and evil can the Bush administration be? Pretty evil, I think. Justin Logan points out that Dubya had a chance to gain an ally in the war on terror, but turned it down:
Finally, one is hard pressed to...explain away the reckless and shameful incompetence of the hawk faction in the Bush administration as described by the Washington Post. The Iranians approached the Bush administration directly in 2002 (after the ridiculous “axis of evil” speech!) and proposed cooperating against al Qaeda, informing the US of the identities of 290 members of al Qaeda that Iran had captured and sent back to their countries. The Iranians proposed further cooperation against al Qaeda.
Now the Neo-cons are proposing bombing Iran!

Be sure to read Logan's full post to get a taste of the attack-happy attitude of this administrations defenders.


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