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Thursday, July 20, 2006

screw the shampoo: week 2

Well, yesterday marked the second week since I stopped shampooing and conditioning my hair. The only thing I've washed it with is the warm, fresh Lake Michigan water issuing forth from my shower head.

Nobody has recoiled in horror upon seeing me (well, no more so than usual); in fact, my hair looks and feels good, and behaves quite well. It definitely feels more "conditioned" than it ever did before, I guess because I'm no longer stripping out the natural oils.

I still have some flaking that falls off when I scratch my head, but nothing visible on the head itself. It itches less than after week 1, almost not at all. I especially like the way it looks and behaves consistently from day to day, whereas before it could be quite inconsistent between the shampoo and the non-shampoo days.

Since it's going well, I'll wait until the 4 week point before my next post about this, unless there is some major development.


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