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Sunday, July 02, 2006

superman returns

The girlfriend and I went to see "Superman Returns" last night. It was good, but it should have been great. The main problem was that it was a virtual re-make of the original Superman movie from 1978. The plot closely resembles the original and several lines of dialog are lifted straight from the 1978 flick. One could take the movie as an homage to the original, but why didn't the director, Bryan Singer, do something new? He's clearly capable of doing great superhero movies, like the first two X-men films, but he's just fallen flat with this one.

Other complaints include the actress playing Lois Lane. She just doesn't resemble the character from the comic books. Is it really that hard to get a decent actress who looks the part? Also, the sub-plot involving Lois' son didn't really add anything to the movie and was left unresolved at the end.

I still give it a thumbs up rating, mostly because my standards for superhero movies are so low, based the fact that they seem so hard to do well. It's doing well at the box office, so maybe we can expect an original picture for the sequel.


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