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Sunday, August 13, 2006

how they hate martha

The Associated Press is running this story today. They're apparently tickled to death that Martha Stewart's home in Westport has been up for sale for TWO WHOLE MONTHS and it hasn't sold yet:
WESTPORT, Conn. - Six years after Martha Stewart said she was leaving Westport, the domestic diva really is bidding farewell to this wealthy seaside town — if only someone will buy her house.

Stewart has been trying for more than two months to sell her early 19th century federal-style farmhouse for $9 million. Real estate experts say it's not unusual for luxury homes to take at least a few months to sell — even those with Martha's famous touch.

"It's the most beautiful property I've ever seen," said Eileen Hill, president of the Mid Fairfield County Association of Realtors. "Every blade of grass stands at attention."

The town, which is also home to actor Paul Newman and singer Michael Bolton, is taking Stewart's departure with a stiff upper lip.

"There was certainly no real sense of loss," said Cristin Marandino, editor of Westport Magazine. "I think 70 percent of the people who live in Westport have a Martha story. She just wasn't very easy to live with."
The hateful and envious press, who can't stand the fact that somebody with talent and a true media entrepreneur who has made thousands of times more than they ever will, will take any potential jab at Martha no matter how trivial the subject matter. They even admit in the first few sentences that it is not at all unusual for a luxury home to take several months to sell, but nonetheless, it's BIG NEWS. (Think about it - how many people do you know who've recently sold their homes in less than two months?)

Then, these talentless drivel-spewers can't help but quote one person in the neighborhood who doesn't like Martha as if that establishes a pattern of resentment towards her. Screw you, AP.


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