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Monday, August 14, 2006

how to order wine

This article entitled Smooth moves for a vintage first date is written as a lesson for you single folks out there, but it contains a lot of good info for anybody who finds himself or herself ordering wine in a restaurant, regardless of marital status. I especially like the advice on "pairing":
Pairing rules are for fools. OK, you probably should opt for a "big" red wine (cabernet, syrah/shiraz, zinfandel) if you're having slabs of red meat. Otherwise, go with something you know, or your best instinct. If the two of you select markedly different dishes, lean toward something that seems like a match for your date's order. Blessedly, there are several wines that have an affinity for virtually everything on any menu: dry riesling, pinot noir, Champagne and other sparkling wines and rose (but not Boone's Farm).
Well said; ordering a decent wine that you enjoy is the important thing, so don't sweat the pairing.


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