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Monday, March 26, 2007

the revolutionary candidate

Tom Woods has an excellent article with that title about Ron Paul on today. I love this part especially:
His conduct, moreover, is beyond reproach. Lobbyists don’t even bother going to his office. If their scheme doesn’t fall among the federal government’s enumerated powers under the Constitution, they know perfectly well that there is no chance Ron Paul will support it.
I suspect that I'll be devoting many posts in the coming year to coverage of Ron Paul's candidacy. OK, let me rephrase that: I suspect that I'll be devoting a large percentage of the little posting I actually manage to do in the coming year to Ron Paul's candidacy.

Ron Paul is the only politician I've ever supported financially in my life (and repeatedly at that). I think we have a once in a lifetime chance here where one of the good guys is actually in the race, and I think any progress we can make in getting his message out, even if he loses the nomination, is well worth the effort.

I've thought that for his campaign theme he should use the old Chambers Brothers (and later Ramones) song "Time Has Come Today". Other than the title there is nothing in the lyrics relevant, but just the title is good enough.


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