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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

kidney communism kills

People are dying because governments prohibit one person from selling his kidney to another. Some are calling for an end to this insanity.
"It is morally wrong to continue to let patients suffer and die on dialysis when we can do something to prevent it," Arthur Matas, a University of Minnesota transplant surgeon, told a conference in Rotterdam on European transplantation policy.

Those who defend these bans "are sentencing some of our transplantation candidates to death," he argued in a plea for a regulated market in organs to help meet the growing demand....

...When the United States banned kidney sales in 1984, about 8,500 patients were on a transplant waiting list of about a year. Now they are estimated at 70,000 and the waiting time is five years or more, Matas said...
I think the numbers speak for themselves. Read the whole article here.