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Sunday, May 20, 2007

it's ok to blame america for 9/11, as long as you support the war

Over at Liberty Belles, Anastasia puzzles over conservative hypocrisy:
When the Reverend Falwell got up on his bully pulpit to blame gays, People for the American Way, the ACLU, and secularists for bringing the terrorists’ wrath upon the United States, he was in essence blaming Americans for causing 9/11. . . And yet, very few of the Republicans’ core demographic spoke out against Falwell’s traitorous cowardice. Ann Coulter even published a glowing column in Human Events a few days ago celebrating Falwell’s life and defending his invective as pious patriotism.

Yet when Ron Paul dared to suggest that our actions in the Middle East have consequences and that the terrorist attacks cannot be viewed in a vacuum independent of the last 50 years of American foreign policy, he was immediately shouted down.
The answer is simple, my dear! Ron Paul opposes war and the state, Falwell embraces both.


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