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Friday, May 04, 2007

on ron paul's performance in the republican debate

Well, overall I am happy. I think Dr. Paul was able to get his message across, and now a lot more people know who he is and what he stands for. I think he is in a good position going into the next debate, however...

I think he really needs to find a way to connect with the average American voter a bit more. I'm afraid Joe Sixpack was probably a little confused when Dr. Paul talked about the "inflation tax", even though it was an excellent point. I'm sure Paul would do much better in a debate with fewer candidates where he had more time to elaborate on his points, but all the other candidates face the same problem and some of them were able to do a much better job. Mitt Romney, although full of shit on many of the issues, always seemed to be able to smoothly get his points across in the allotted time. (What kind of name is "Mitt", anyway?)

I also believe that Dr. Paul would be able to reach more people if he came across a bit more optimistic. Frankly, he comes across a little on the angry side. True, I'm the same way if not more so, but I'm not running for President!

We have a rare and historic opportunity to actually advance a heroic, freedom-loving candidate through this ridiculous nomination thing, so we can't afford to blow it! Hopefully Dr. Paul will get a little bit of coaching to smooth out the rough edges before the next round.


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