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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

more on hiroshima

Justin Raimondo has a good column today on the continuing relevance of the murderous attack on Hiroshima. In "Hillary, Hiroshima, and Hubris", Raimondo notes:
Hillary's blanket statement about never making blanket statements regarding the use (or "non-use") of nukes is in line with the policy of American presidents stretching all the way back to Harry Truman. The U.S. government has never rejected the first use of nuclear weapons. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has followed a similar policy, and this is the default position of the "responsible" sectors of the foreign policy commentariat: Hillary is merely following in the footsteps of husband Bill and his postwar predecessors.
I'm often stumped as to why the Democrats feel the need to be even more murderous than the Republicans. In what fevered imagination is America put at even the tiniest risk of attack merely by forswearing a nuclear first strike?


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