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Thursday, December 13, 2007

not my kind of town

I always have fun when I visit my co-blogger in Chicago, but sometimes the Windy City makes me sick. Radley Balko discusses the wretched state of the police in Chi-town:
An eight-month Chicago Tribune investigation of 200+ police shootings going back 10 years found that within hours of a police shooting, the police department convenes hastily-assembled, wagon-circling “roundtables” of law enforcement officials where police and witnesses are questioned but not sworn or recorded, where the officers involved are allowed to confer to get their stories straight before being questioned, and where the inevitable conclusion is always that the shooting was justified. From there, broader, show-investigations begin. Key witnesses go uninterviewed. Forensic evidence is ignored. And the shooting officer is inevitably exonerated.
Kudos to the Chicago Tribune for doing the legwork on revealing and compiling the details on this horrible state of affairs.


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