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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

thomas sowell: establishment hack

In his rundown of all the Presidential candidates in his NRO article today, Dr. Sowell doesn't even mention Ron Paul. Yet this supposedly libertarian conservative has this to say about Fred Thompson:
"Fred Thompson seems to have the best policy positions and the best political track record among the Republican candidates"
I guess this bit at the end is his cowardly way of attacking Ron Paul without mentioning his name:
"As for the other candidates in both parties, the big question is why anyone takes them seriously as candidates to lead the nation at a time of huge dangers that terrorists will end up with nuclear weapons, whether from Iran or Pakistan."
Uhm...maybe because Dr. Paul will remove the main incentives for any attacks while securing our borders at the same?

Dr. Sowell can't see the Ron Paul Revolution freight train coming right at him - maybe his trademark glasses need some new lenses. Rather than offering any reasoned arguments about why Ron Paul should not be President, he childishly ignores the good doctor's candidacy. Despite his scholarly contributions in the defense of laissez-faire economics, I'm afraid Dr. Sowell's efforts at political commentary have exposed him as just another establishment hack.


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