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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

some christians just don't get it

Eric Scheske at The Daily Eudemon has this to say about the lawsuit launched by James Patterson and Lisa Coffey, ex-staffers at The Indianapolis Star, against their former employer and its owner Gannett Co., whom they claim "consistently and repeatedly demonstrated ... a negative hostility toward Christianity.":
We don't know all the facts of this case and we're not saying Christians can't defend themselves, but the use of a civil rights lawsuit by professed Christians against a private employer bothers us.
I agree. I can easily believe that the newspaper does hold an anti-Christian bias, but the owners of a private company should have the right, however foolishly or shamefully it is exercised, to decide who they want working for them, just as employees have the right to "fire" their employer by leaving and going somewhere else. To claim to be a Christian and then employ the power of the courts to force somebody to hire you seems very unchristian (and just plain wrong) to me. For the record, Patterson was fired, and Coffey resigned after being demoted to the copy desk. (See the source article at Editor & Publisher). From the article:
The two are asking to be reinstated at the paper, and be compensated for lost income, benefits, emotional distress and unspecified punitive damages.

"Lisa and I aren't the only employees that have been driven away from this company and we thought it was time for someone to say, 'Goodness gracious. This isn't right,'" Patterson said.
I agree; what you are doing, Mr. Patterson, is definitely not right.


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