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Monday, August 21, 2006

well red: organic, sulfite free, and damn tasty

I've seen organic wines in the stores for years, but I never ventured to try one. I figure it's hard enough to get all the variables right to make a good wine, that if you restrict yourself to organically-grown grapes, you're certain to handicap the quality of the results. However, while cruising through the wine aisles at Trader Joe's yesterday, I happened upon a $5.99 bottle of "Well Red" from HeartsWork Winery, which claimed to be organic and sulfite free, so I took a chance.

Oh man, this is tasty and flavorfull stuff! It reminds me of the Cabernet wines I would make with my father in the basement, which were definitely sulfite-free, though those California grapes we used were not organically grown as far as I know. We'd begin to enjoy those wines at less than one year of age, and this Well Red stuff reminds me a lot of those delicious young wines.

Well Red is a light-to-medium colored and somewhat cloudy red. The label doesn't list the grape varieties used, but the web site has this to say:
A blend of Grenache, Sangiovese and a kiss of Syrah, this wine was left on oak a little longer to strengthen its overall structure. You'll find a dark rich blend with full mouth feel, subtle earth notes, traditional Sangiovese tannins and a soft oak and vanilla finish.
On my next visit to TJ's, I'm stocking up on this unassuming little red beauty.


Blogger iddabit said...

i've tried lots of organic and the harder to find sulfite free or no sulfites added...Well Red is the best I have found, and the price!!!

Can't beat it!


9:21 PM  

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