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Sunday, May 29, 2005

the neocons' second front

The Neocons' Second Front by Anne Williamson

Thanks to Lew Rockwell for posting this link over at Sanders Research Associates. Williamson sheds some light on the nominations of Bolton and Wolfowitz for their UN ambassador and World Bank positions, as part of a grand plan to create a "second front" as the next stage in Bush's War for U.S. Global Domination:
Bolton and Wolfowitz are part of the Bush administration’s initial redeployment of neo-con assets in the building of the American empire’s second front. John Bolton is being put in place to militarize the UN. As for Paul Wolfowitz, he is not leaving the Pentagon so much as he is bringing the Pentagon to the World Bank.

Williamson wrote some excellent articles several years ago connecting Russia "reformers", the IMF, World Bank, the looting of American taxpayers, and the rise of the Russian Mafia; it's worth googling for. I'm glad to see her name again.


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