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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

junk dna can conquer shyness least if you're a prarie vole, according to studies reported here on The research, which was carried out at Emory University, showed that voles with longer strands of junk DNA tended to be more socially outgoing than their short-stranded counterparts.
It was found that prairie voles with long strands of junk DNA had higher receptor levels than those with shorter strands of junk DNA, and more likely to establish social bonds with their mates and offspring.

Dr. Larry Young believes that the actions of the microsatellite DNA show that there is sufficient proof that the DNA strands are related to one's social makeup.

"Because a significant portion of the human [genetic makeup] consists of junk DNA and due to the way microsatellite DNA expands and contracts over time, microsatellites may represent a previously unknown factor in social diversity."

The research team believes that their findings will not only lend insight into why certain people are shy, but also to help comprehend various social disorders, such as autism.


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