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Sunday, June 26, 2005

those evil libertarians

Over at The Agitator, Radley Balko opines:
You know, the next time some thick-headed liberal spouts off about how I or my employer, the Cato Institute, shouldn't be taken seriously because we're "funded by corporations," (a vacant charge, but that's beside the point) I think I'll point to Kelo.
No, no, no! Don't you get it? The fact that libertarians were on the side of the sick and defenseless AGAINST the evil corporations is just more proof that libertarians are masters of deception. Matt Yglesis has it figured out already, unfortunately:
It speaks well of the intelligence of the libertarian legal community that when they try and establish precedents that will make it much harder to regulate large corporations and wealthy individuals in the public interest that they don't choose the case of Mega Corp v. Cute Deer or Sick Child v. Giant Drug Company. Instead, they pick cases like Raich and Kelo, where liberal egalitarians may sympathize with plaintiffs ostensibly beseiged by Big Government. But the purpose of picking the cases is to establish broad principles and the important question is about the principles, not the specific cases.
Indeed! That's why it's NEVER OK to to rule against the government. Uh, unless it's computer-simulated child porn, sodomy or the right to stick a scissors into the head of a baby (oops, sorry, I meant "fetus") as it's heading down the birth canal.


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