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Friday, September 02, 2005

katrina, iraq and the know-it-all syndrome

Justin Raimondo on the know-it-all neocons, including Jonah Goldberg, who publicy criticized and made fun of the poor souls suffering in the Superdome with a stupid joke (if you click the link, scroll down to "ATTN: SUPERDOME RESIDENTS").
The Goldbergian style, an unpleasant product of the neoconservative takeover of the American Right, is derived from the self-important delusions and arrogance of inside-the-Beltway chatterers, for whom Goldberg is the poster boy. This same indifference to the perils of long-distance pontification permeates the views of Goldberg and his neocon confreres at National Review on a wide variety of subjects, including especially the war in Iraq, which they fulsomely supported and continue to support. In that instance, too, their prognostications of a cakewalk were wide off the mark – another case of the Know-it-all Syndrome in action.
The column also ties together warnings from 2001 of impending disaster in NOLA due to the erosion of the Mississippi River delta and the lack of anything done about it to the massive public expenditures for the Iraq war. Read the whole column.


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