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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

tony blankley: neocon idiot

Eugene Volokh does a great smackdown of an article by former Newt Gingrich press secretary, Tony Blankley. Blankley urges everyone to grovel at the feet of the State when unpopular races are rounded up for internment:
During World War II, the country was faced with the prospect of large numbers of people -- again identifiable by ethnicity, not conduct -- who were real or potential enemies.

The logic of the Supreme Court's opinion is applicable to the situation we face today. The court held that people ethnically connected to the war-makers are more likely to support them than are others -- and our country at war has a right to protect itself from this presumed higher risk of danger.
Ugh. Whatever ethnic group Blankley belongs to, I vote to round them up and deport them.


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