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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

donald sutherland for president

I've Tivo'd a recent episode of "Commander in Chief", but haven't watched it yet. I like Geena Davis, but the program just sounds awful. Gene Healy has the stomach to watch it and has an interesting tidbit to share:
Leave it to Lurie to make Republicans—fictional ones, at least—look good again. In episode three, as Mackenzie Allen gets ready to launch her second military action in as many days, she makes a courtesy call on her nemesis, GOP Speaker of the House Nathan Templeton, played with charmless creepiness by Donald Sutherland. She tells Templeton of her plan to capture Noriega-clone "General Sanchez," the dictator of "San Pascuale," who has been complicit in the deaths of six American DEA agents. Templeton complains about the frequency of post-Cold War military campaigns and pointedly asks how many of them have been worth "spilling American blood." And he notes that Allen's plan to spray defoliant on San Pascuale's coca fields will ruin a lot of poor farmers who have no other option for feeding their families.
Donald sounds like one of the Old Right!


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