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Sunday, November 06, 2005

drudge headlines vs. reality

I've noticed from time to time how some headlines that appear on The Drudge Report don't quite match the content that they link to. A case in point is his headline today which reads "NOVAK: CONCERN OVER AGE SLOWS MCCAIN PREZ FUNDRAISING...". If you actually read this Bob Novak column you will find that the relevant part reads as follows:
Sen. John McCain, a potential 2008 Republican presidential candidate, has gotten a tepid response to a New York City fund-raiser Monday for his "Straight Talk America" political action committee.

McCain signed a Sept. 27 letter announcing his appearance at the St. Regis Hotel Nov. 7. The price was $1,000 per person for a 6 p.m. reception and $5,000 per person for a 7:30 p.m. dinner.

Many New York contributors to McCain's 2000 presidential campaign were reluctant to attend this year's event. The fact McCain will be 72 years old for the 2008 presidential campaign was cited to explain lack of enthusiasm, as was the senator's support for the Iraq war.
So why does Drudge's headline mention the age factor, but not McCain's stance on the Iraq war, which is mentioned in the same sentence? Is the age thing more important simply because it appears first in the sentence, or is it just that Matt Drudge supports the Iraq war and would rather not draw attention to the fact that such a stance might be unpopular?


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