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Thursday, November 03, 2005

where's the outrage?

Radley Balko has an excellent column up at regarding the military cover up of the details surrounding the death of Pat Tillman. Excerpt:
At every turn, the U.S. military has exploited, desecrated, and, ultimately, turned its back on Tillman’s heroism. The Pentagon has since closed its doors to Tillman’s family, sharing information about his death only when compelled to do so by members of the media, or by the Tillman family’s newfound allies in Congress.
We now know that Tillman died in friendly fire, shot accidentally by members of his own platoon. Soldiers interviewed in subsequent investigations have since testified that it was apparent to everyone involved that Tillman died from friendly fire the moment he was taken off the battlefield. A series of serious errors by Army commanders and Tillman’s fellow soldiers — none of them by Tillman himself — led to his unnecessary death. These events were tragic, but they certainly don’t reflect poorly on Tillman, his bravery, or his memory.
Balko goes into more detail on the coverup and it's just bizarre that the military would go to such lengths to lie to the public and Tillman's family.

I'm not holding my breath waiting for anyone involved to get punished, but it would be nice.


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