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Friday, December 30, 2005

predictions for 2006

I hereby make a number of predictions for the coming year, most of which will probably turn out to be completely wrong. I promise not to edit this post to "adjust" my predictions - where I turn out to be wrong, I'll be laughing right along with you. So here goes!

1) Spot gold will close above $750 an ounce on at least one day, although it might not close out the year quite that high.

2) The housing market will suffer a major setback, with California and Florida median home prices tumbling more than 30% from now til the end of 2006.

3) General Motors will file for bankruptcy.

4) Dick Cheney will no longer be the U.S. vice president at the end of the year.

5) The U.S. will still have a sizeable presence in Iraq. (I sure hope I'm wrong about this).

6) The Bush administration will launch another "pre-emptive" military offensive against another nation. (I sure hope I'm wrong about this one too).

7) Samuel Alito will be confirmed as a Supreme, but it will have no effect on U.S. abortion policy.

8) Tom Cruise will continue to be the "most irritating" actor on the planet (and I'm being overly generous by using the word "actor").

Well there you are, I've stuck my neck out and now there's no turning back! I may add a few more if I have time but that's all for now.


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