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Monday, January 23, 2006

lord of war

The girlfriend and I watched "Lord of War" last night. Although I like Nicholas Cage, I had refrained from watching it when it was in the theatres because it looked soooo anti-gun. Recently, I had heard some good reviews of it so I decided to rent.

Fortunately, although it is superficially anti-gun, the underlying message is anti-war and anti-state. Cage's character starts his career by selling guns to criminals in America, but quickly realizes that the big money is in selling arms to governments, terrorists and international drug dealers. Cage is eventually caught by Interpol, but is released when officials decide that he is a necessary cog in the efforts of governments to ensure arms get to the right groups. The films ends with an explicit message that the top five governments that do most of arms trade are also all on the UN Security Council.


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