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Saturday, February 18, 2006

the analytic paper series by robert l. kocher

In the mid to late 90's, there was an interesting website known as the Laissez Faire City Times, the official publication of the now-defunct Laissez Faire City corporation. There were many interesting articles posted there, along with some worthless ones. One of my favorite writers at the site was Robert L. Kocher.

I was wondering what happened to this site and all the articles, and after performing a few google searches it appears there is no archive of the whole site. However, some of the writers have fortunately created archives of their own writings, including Kocher, whose archive can be found here, and which he calls The Analytic Paper Series. It may have been here for years for all I know (a copyright notice on the site gives a date of 2002), but I just discovered it today. Presumably, from reading his introduction, not all of these articles are from the Laissez Faire City Times.

For a sample of his work, you might want to try this chapter from his Politics in America series entitled Part 10: Evolution of the Deteriorated Relationship Between Men and Women. Excerpt:
To say that there has been a transition in the relationship between men and women in the last 35 years is somewhat like calling the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima a form of urban renewal. The change in the relationship between men and women in American culture has been as devastating to Americans individually, socially, economically, and politically as a limited nuclear war. The damage will take longer to repair than the damage from a nuclear war.

In the last 35 years, a culturally dominant value system and behavioral system has evolved which should be making people edgy. This value system is supported by a highly-engineered system of language which has been evolved over the years to obscure important internal pathology, and which sounds good. While the words sound good, there is a sense something is very warped. Although many people know something's wrong, they are trapped or immobilized because they don't have a refutation and have never heard a refutation. Most people born after the very early 1940s do not know how the present system of American values, especially those values governing heterosexual relations, evolved. The best way, and probably the only way, to understand where we are and what we're facing is to understand how we got to where we are now. From that point a refutation can be built to begin repairing the culture.
Read the rest of the article, and also be sure to check out his own introduction to his archive here.


Blogger Ross said...

Try if you know the URL, even if the site is defunct, it might be there.

10:14 PM  
Blogger jmc said...

Good idea. I tried it last night and was able to find some indexes, but couldn't get to any articles. Right now I tried it again with no success at all; there seem to be some server problems, as I can't load any pages except the main query page.

10:10 AM  

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