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Sunday, July 30, 2006

another reason not to see miami vice

The girlfriend wanted to see "Miami Vice", but I suspected it was a paean to the "heroes" of the drug war, so I talked her out of it and we went to see the hilarious "Clerks II" instead. MV has not been getting good reviews and I just found out today that there is another good reason not to drop one's money on this stinker:
The movie did have one thing that was extremely interesting though, the next campaign from the DRM infection folk. They are now starting to equate piracy, or their version of it, with all the things that are bad in the world. Remember the 'piracy funds terrorists' laugher a few months ago? They learned, and are doing it through the back door now, the front door got them nowhere.

Now, they are slipping the message in through 'blowoff' lines, trying to infect modern culture. There was a scene in Miami Vice where they were discussing the big bad drug dealers, and how international they were. The good guys listed all the thing the bad guys were capable of bringing into the US, Cocaine, Heroin, etc etc. They listed it as coke from Coumbia, heroin from Afganistan, X from Y and A from B. Pretty normal stuff. At the end, they added 'pirated software from China'.
Spotted via Boing Boing.


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