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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


My wife and I watched "Catwoman" last night, which we had recorded from HBO-HD. The critics hated it, and it bombed at the box office, but this was an HD version, man, so I had to see it!

Well, believe it or not I actually enjoyed it. The special effects are good - they really get the cat movements down well (some sort of CGI I assume). As for Halle Berry, I don't think anyone would have looked as good in the Catwoman getup as she did. I should also mention that there are also some real cats in the story that are used quite effectively.

The story isn't that great - evil comsmetics manufacturer resorts to murder in order to cover up a seriously defective new product they're about to launch. Seriously, how long do they think they can get away with selling a product that will destroy the skin of its users (or worse...) as soon as they stop using it? The same product gave the arch-villain her super-powers, too; suffice it to say the parts of the story don't add up very well. By the way, the story has absolutely nothing to do with any of the DC Catwoman incarnations; it's not set in Gotham City (it's set in some other fictional city), and even Catwoman's secret identity is different. With a little effort I think they could have set the story within the DC universe. I have no idea why they chose not to.


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