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Friday, July 07, 2006

massacre at farmhouse in iraq

Read this L.A. Times story, if you can stomach it.
"Never in my mind could I have imagined such a gruesome sight," Abu Firas Janabi said of the day in March when his cousin, Fakhriya Taha Muhsen; her husband, Kasim Hamza Rasheed; and their two daughters were slain and their farmhouse set ablaze.

"Kasim's corpse was in the corner of the room, and his head was smashed into pieces," he said. The 5-year-old daughter, Hadel, was beside her father, and Janabi said he could see that Fakhriya's arms had been broken.

In another room, he found 15-year-old Abeer, naked and burned, with her head smashed in "by a concrete block or a piece of iron."

"There were burns from the bottom of her stomach to the end of her body, except for her feet," he said.
We're going to constantly hear about how this is just "a few bad apples", so it's nothing to worry about. I believe the vast majority of our soldiers would never behave like this, but this is what Bush's war has wrought. The entire war was unjust from the beginning. Thousands of innocents have been slaughtered since it started, and that is the fact we must always keep in mind. Those who steered us toward war are 1000 times more guilty than the sickos who committed this farmhouse atrocity.


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